Searching for your work identity?

Struggling with what direction to take?

Job search in need of a boost?    

My career consulting/counseling services offer strategies on how to turn a not so productive job search into a highly effective job search. Career Launch propels you through the utilization of proven job search techniques, targeted to capture the attention of the hiring manager.  This helps you land faster! 

The Outcome – You gain traction in the job market.

Each client is provided a tailored program that entails:

  • A full review of your college graduates job search campaign  
  • A Job Search Plan that keeps the focus on a viable path
  • Proven job search strategies and tools to help you land faster  

Clients engage in service agreements that offer up to, but not limited to, 8 sessions.

Client packages available.  Client packages include monthly access in-between session access

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Wondering if you will have the right tools to launch from school to career?

Looking for the right guidance to connect you to internships and opportunities? 

The journey of the college student takes many turns, and having a professional career counselor by your side as a guiding light can make the difference for you to launch successfully into the world of work and find a meaningful career path.   I provide a roadmap to remove the confusion around career decision making, and support the exploration process leading to greater engagement.  I will instruct you on how to identify and pursue viable job opportunities.   

The Outcome – Gain clarity in your career goals and build confidence in order to compete in today’s job market. Position yourself effectively from the perspective of hiring managers. Formulate a job search strategy that helps you land a job.

Program Options: 

Three-Month Program

This three-month provides ongoing support as a supplement to College Career Services.  This program helps support the graduating student attain meaningful work that aligns their college education with a rewarding career path. Working with a professional career counselor ensures the right tools and right strategies are being applied to attract job opportunities.   

Each client is provided a tailored program that entails:

  • Gain knowledge of viable careers
  • Look broadly at job opportunities
  • Launch a successful job search campaign

Six Month Program 

This six-month program offers a robust curriculum that focuses on concepts related to career choices, the changing world of work, transition from backpack to briefcase and effective job search strategies.  It is for the Junior and/or Senior in college and is a supplement to College Career Services.   By working with a Career Counselor, you are guided through the career exploration process – and your interests, skills and abilities are explored and aligned with viable career options.  Assessments available as needed. 

Each client is provided a tailored program that entails

  • Gain knowledge about career choices
  • Understand the impact of your college experiences and job search
  • Look broadly at job opportunities
  • Focus your curriculum and avoid unnecessary frustration and expense

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